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Flying can be a costly endeavor, with tickets often costing hundreds of dollars. However, Allegiant Airlines offers travelers an affordable alternative to expensive flights without sacrificing quality or service.

allegiant airlines

The airline’s commitment to low-cost fares and high-level customer satisfaction has made it one of the most sought after carriers in the industry.

In this article we will explore how you can get great deals on flights when booking with Allegiant Airlines.

When traveling by air, cost is always a factor – especially for those who are watching their budget or planning multiple trips throughout the year.

Fortunately, Allegiant Airlines understands that people have different needs and budgets when flying, which is why they strive to provide reliable services at prices that everyone can afford.

From discounted weekend fares to price matching guarantees, there are plenty of options available for passengers looking to save money while still enjoying all the benefits of flying with a major airline carrier.

Overview Of Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Airlines is a major player in the world of air travel, offering passengers an eco-friendly and convenient way to get to their destination.

The company has made a name for itself by providing extra amenities that go beyond what most airlines offer – such as discounted car rentals, hotel stays, and theme park tickets. This makes Allegiant one of the premier choices for travelers looking for an enjoyable and cost-effective experience.

The airline’s main draw is its low-cost fares – allowing customers to fly from A to B without breaking the bank. Passengers can also benefit from special discounts on select routes throughout the year, making it easier than ever to save money while traveling with Allegiant.

Furthermore, those who sign up for the company’s loyalty program will receive access to even more exclusive deals and discounts!

From top-notch customer service to unbeatable rates, Allegiant Airlines offers something for everyone. With their commitment to safety and convenience, they are sure to continue providing superb experiences long into the future – leaving no traveler disappointed.

Onward we go!

Low-Cost Fares

  1. Allegiant Airlines provides low fare deals for consumers to find affordable flights.
  2. Discounted prices are available to those who book in advance, offering the potential for significant savings.
  3. Cheap tickets can be obtained through promotional codes and discounts from Allegiant Airlines.
  4. Allegiant Airlines has a wide selection of low-cost flights, allowing access to various destinations.
  5. The company offers regular sales and discounts that reduce the cost of tickets even further.
  6. Flight comparison websites can be used to find the lowest price deals when booking with Allegiant Airlines.

Low Fare Deals

Air travel is often expensive and can be a major expense for vacationers. However, Allegiant Airlines offers affordable fares that allow travelers to reach their destination without breaking the bank. The airline’s low fare deals provide budget-conscious flyers with great savings on flights.

Baggage fees are typically minimal, allowing passengers to save more money when travelling with Allegiant Airlines. In addition, flight cancellations due to weather or other reasons do not result in any extra costs being incurred by the traveler.

All of these advantages make flying with Allegiant an attractive option for those looking for an affordable way to get from one place to another. With its competitive prices and excellent customer service, Allegiant Airlines makes it easier than ever to enjoy a stress free trip without having to worry about large expenses associated with air travel.

Book now and start taking advantage of all the amazing benefits provided by Allegiant!

Discounted Prices

Affordable airfare is the goal of many travelers, and Allegiant Airlines offers low-cost fares that make it easier to reach a desired destination without breaking the bank.

In addition to their competitive prices, Allegiant also provides cashback offers on flights as well as flexible tickets when plans change unexpectedly.

These two features alone make flying with Allegiant an attractive option for those looking to save money while still enjoying a comfortable flight experience.

With its excellent customer service, discounted prices, and convenience, Allegiant Airlines stands out among airlines offering budget-friendly travel options.

There’s no better way to start off your vacation than by saving money – book now and take advantage of all the amazing benefits offered by Allegiant!

Cheap Tickets

When it comes to finding the lowest fares, Allegiant Airlines has a variety of options that can help make travel more affordable. From discounted flights to fly perks and cashback offers, the airline aims to provide travelers with the best possible experience at an unbeatable price.

It’s easy to compare Allegiant’s prices against other airlines – simply enter your destination and departure dates into their website and take advantage of their fare comparisons feature for even greater savings.

With all these amazing features available, there’s no better way to save money on airfare than with Allegiant!

Price Matching Guarantees

Allegiant Airlines offers a price matching guarantee to ensure its customers feel confident they are receiving the best possible deal. If customers find another airline charging less for the same flight, Allegiant will match that price and provide customers with an additional discount of up to $50 on their ticket purchase. Customers must make sure the flights are identical in terms of departure city, arrival city, dates, times and number of passengers before submitting a claim for reimbursement or adjustment.

In addition to its competitive pricing policies, Allegiant also has flexible refund policies for any cancelled or rescheduled flights. Depending on when the customer submits their request for a change fee waiver or full-refund eligibility window, they may be able to receive a partial or full refund from Allegiant Airlines.

Furthermore, if certain extenuating circumstances arise such as inclement weather conditions or medical emergencies, Allegiant can waive all fees associated with changing tickets without any penalty incurred by the customer.

Acknowledging these factors helps travelers have peace of mind knowing that they can trust Allegiant Airlines whether it is booking affordable flights upfront or making changes due to unexpected events later down the line.

With this knowledge at hand, let us turn now our attention towards discounted weekend fares available through Allegiant Airline’s loyalty program…

Discounted Weekend Fares

  1. Allegiant Airlines offers discounted weekend fares, providing the opportunity to save on air travel.
  2. Lowest weekend fares are available on short notice, offering travelers the opportunity to find a great deal.
  3. Deals on short trips are possible when booking with Allegiant Airlines, allowing travelers to take shorter trips at an affordable price.
  4. Budget-friendly getaways are an option when booking with Allegiant Airlines, enabling travelers to save on their vacation costs.
  5. Allegiant Airlines often offers special deals on weekend fares, making it possible for travelers to save money on air travel.
  6. By taking advantage of discounted weekend fares, travelers can save money and enjoy a more cost-effective vacation.

Lowest Weekend Fares

For those looking to save on airfare, Allegiant Airlines offers some of the lowest weekend fares available.

With special discounts and promotions that are updated regularly, travelers can find deals on a variety of popular destinations.

Passengers who book their flights in advance have access to even more savings opportunities.

Additionally, Allegiant’s baggage fees are among the industry’s most competitive, allowing customers to maximize their savings potential.

Furthermore, flight cancellations can be easily managed with Allegiant’s flexible cancellation policy.

All these features make Allegiant the perfect choice for budget-conscious travelers seeking affordable weekend getaways.

Book your next trip with Allegiant today – you won’t regret it!

Deals On Short Trips

For those seeking discounted weekend getaways, Allegiant Airlines offers some of the best deals available. Low cost flights can be easily accessed through their website and customers are able to take advantage of promotional packages that include discounts on airfare, hotels, rental cars and more.

Furthermore, passengers have access to flexible cancellation policies and industry leading baggage fees, making it a great option for budget-conscious travelers looking to maximize savings potential.

So what are you waiting for? Book your next short trip with Allegiant today and enjoy low cost flights, discounted packages, and all the convenience that comes along with it!

Budget-Friendly Getaways

For those looking to stretch their budget for a weekend getaway, all-inclusive packages are an ideal option.

With Allegiant Airlines seasonal specials and discounts on airfare, hotels, rental cars and more, customers can maximize savings potential while still enjoying the convenience of low cost flights.

Furthermore, the industry leading baggage fees make it possible to pack all the essentials without worrying about additional costs.

So why pay full price when you can find great deals that offer everything you need?

Start planning your next trip with Allegiant and experience budget-friendly getaways that won’t break the bank!

Group Travel Deals

Thinking about taking a group trip with Allegiant Airlines? Look no further! Whether you are looking for family packages, student discounts or military discounts, we have something for everyone. From the ease of online booking to exceptional customer service, our team is here to help make your travel plans a breeze.

Let’s explore some options:

  • Group Travel Deals – Get up to 10% off when traveling in groups of 3-9 people
  • Family Packages – Enjoy great savings on tickets and save even more when adding car rentals and hotel stays
  • Student Discounts – Students can get exclusive deals on flights if they book at least 14 days in advance
  • Military Discounts – Active Duty members qualify for discounted fares throughout the year

At Allegiant Airlines, it’s all about making sure that our customers get unbeatable value from their travel experience. We understand how important it is to make memories with the ones you love most and that starts by getting there affordably.

So look no further, start planning today and let us take care of the rest!

Military Discounts

Allegiant Airlines is proud to offer exclusive benefits and discounts for members of the military.

Not only are there special discounts available, but military personnel can also benefit from exclusive offers that are not available elsewhere.

With Allegiant Airlines, military personnel have access to a wide array of discounted flight options to help them save time and money while traveling.

The airline takes great pride in recognizing the service of active duty and retired military personnel by making it easier for them to get around the world without breaking the bank.

In addition to offering discounted flights, Allegiant Airlines also provides additional benefits such as priority check-in kiosks and complimentary upgrades on select flights.

allegiant airlines

For those who serve or have served our country, Allegiant Airlines makes sure they receive recognition with amazing deals and services when booking their next trip.

It is just one way that Allegiant shows its appreciation for our servicemen and women who sacrifice so much for us all.

To learn more about these exclusive offers and how you can take advantage of them, visit their website today!

These offers make planning trips easy and affordable for anyone in the military community looking to travel domestically or internationally at an unbeatable price.

Senior citizens also have access to many different types of discounts when flying with Allegiant Airlines; let’s explore what those look like now.

Senior Citizen Discounts

Traveling is a great way to explore the world and experience different cultures, but it can be expensive. Fortunately, there are discounts available that make flying more affordable for certain groups of people.

Senior citizens in particular have access to special benefits when booking flights with Allegiant Airlines. But what exactly do these senior citizen discounts entail?

The exact details may vary depending on the airline, so it’s important to check carefully before you book your flight. Generally speaking, most airlines offer discounted fares for passengers aged 65 and over. In some cases, there may also be additional age restrictions; for example, Allegiant Airlines only offers discounted rates to those over 80 years of age. That said, customers who meet the criteria can enjoy substantial savings when they fly with Allegiant Airlines.

Fortunately, taking advantage of senior citizen discounts doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort or convenience – travelers can still choose from an array of amenities such as priority boarding and seating options when they book their tickets. Plus, many companies provide extra benefits like free checked bags or other perks that make flying even more affordable for seniors!

With all these advantages taken into account, it pays to look into senior citizen discounts if you’re eligible for them. Now let’s take a look at early bird discounts – another great opportunity for travelers looking to save money on airfare!

Early Bird Discounts

  1. Early booking benefits can be seen in the form of discounted airfares, potential upgrades, and increased flight availability.
  2. Savings on budget flights can be achieved by booking ahead of time, taking advantage of promotional offers, and selecting non peak flight times.
  3. Last minute deals may be available for those who have flexible plans and are willing to travel on short notice.
  4. Booking flights in advance may allow for price comparisons and the ability to secure lower fares.
  5. Last minute deals may provide discounted fares for those who are willing to take a risk and travel with little advanced notice.
  6. Airlines may promote discounts for early bookings to encourage customers to plan ahead and take advantage of the savings.

Early Booking Benefits

The savvy traveler is always looking for the best deals on flights and Allegiant Airlines offers a great opportunity to save money with their Early Bird Discounts.

By booking your flight in advance, you can get discounts of up to 40% off regular fares. Additionally, some routes include complimentary bag fees which can help make an already affordable trip even more economical.

When comparing flights it pays to look at all options as different airlines may offer cheaper fares or better amenities while still providing reliable service.

One way to maximize savings when flying with Allegiant Airlines is by taking advantage of their Early Bird Discounts program. With these discounts travelers are rewarded for making decisions early and benefit from lower prices than those offered closer to departure time. It also helps plan trips ahead of time without having to worry about any last minute changes that could be costly. Plus, if additional members of the party decide to join later on there’s usually no penalty as long as they book before check-in closes.

For those who travel regularly, being able to take advantage of Allegiant Airline’s Early Bird Discounts can quickly add up to significant cost savings over time; however, it requires planning ahead and staying informed about current promotions and policies related to baggage fees so you don’t end up spending more than necessary.

All things considered, booking early has its advantages but careful consideration should still be taken into account when selecting a flight comparison website or provider in order secure the best value possible for your travels.

Savings On Budget Flights

For those looking to travel on a budget, cost cutting strategies can be key in finding the cheapest flight. One way to save money while flying is by taking advantage of Allegiant Airlines Early Bird Discounts program.

By booking flights in advance, travelers are rewarded with discounts up to 40% off regular fares and, depending on the route, complimentary bag fees may also apply.

Price comparison websites provide another great resource for getting the best deal when it comes to airfare. These sites allow users to compare prices from multiple airlines so they can make an informed decision about which one offers the most value for their needs.

Additionally, these services often include additional features such as alerts when fares drop or new deals become available so you won’t miss out on any potential savings opportunities.

Using both price comparison tools and early bird discounts together creates a winning combination that helps savvy travelers maximize savings while still being able to enjoy reliable service and all of the amenities offered by Allegiant Airlines.

Hopefully this guide has provided some useful tips that will help make your next trip more economical than ever before!

Last Minute Deals

Though Early Bird Discounts provide a great way to save money on flights, sometimes travelers have no choice but to book at the last minute. For these occasions, there are still ways for budget conscious travelers to take advantage of savings opportunities with Allegiant Airlines.

Flexible flight options allow passengers to make changes or cancel their itinerary up until two days before departure without penalty fees.

Additionally, Allegiant offers Last Minute Deals ranging from 10-50% off regular fares depending on route and availability. These deals can be found by visiting the company’s website or signing up for their email alerts so you won’t miss out on any potential discounts that may arise due to cancellations or other unforeseen circumstances.

With a little bit of planning and flexibility you can find a great deal even when booking at the last minute!

Last Minute Deals

Traveling with Allegiant Airlines has never been easier. From low fares to flexible cancellations, there is something for everyone. Last Minute Deals are no exception.

Cashback offers give customers an excellent opportunity to save on their flights and take advantage of the great deals offered by the airline. Whether you’re looking for a spontaneous getaway or planning a vacation in advance, these cashback options make it easy to find your perfect flight at a price that won’t break the bank.

In addition to cashback offers, Allegiant Airlines provides flexible cancellation policies so customers can feel confident when booking their travels. No longer do travelers need to be concerned about sudden changes in plans; with simple refund requests, customers can alter their itineraries without any costly penalties or fees.

This allows them peace of mind knowing they will not lose out if plans change unexpectedly or unexpected events arise. With affordable prices and convenient cancelation policies, Allegiant Airlines makes last minute travel possible and stress-free.

Customers can trust that their hard earned money is well spent whether they are flying domestically or internationally—making every journey one worth taking! As loyalty programs offer even more savings for frequent flyers, passengers have all the more reason to book now and enjoy the many benefits provided by this leading airline carrier.

Loyalty Programs

Allegiant Airlines offers travelers an abundance of options to make their trips more affordable. Now, with Allegiant’s loyalty program, passengers have the chance to earn cashback rewards and loyalty points on every flight they take.

As an added bonus, members also receive access to exclusive discounts on select flights that are not available to non-members.

allegiant airlines

In order to become a member of Allegiant’s loyalty program, customers must sign up for free online via the airline’s website. After registering for membership, travelers can begin earning cashback rewards and loyalty points whenever they book tickets through Allegiant Airlines.

In addition to accumulating these rewards over time, members also get access to special deals and discounts in certain airports throughout the world.

Allegiant’s loyalty program allows travelers to save money while taking advantage of discounted fares and other benefits such as priority boarding privileges or complimentary snacks during in-flight services.

With this unique system, customers now have control over how much they spend on airfare without sacrificing quality service or amenities.

So if you’re looking to save some extra funds while flying with Allegiant Airlines – look no further than its Loyalty Program!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Allegiant Airlines Offer Nonstop Flights?

Allegiant Airlines offer a range of nonstop flights to many popular destinations.

They are known for their discounted fares and convenient check in policies, which make flying with them an attractive option.

Their commitment to providing affordable air travel means that customers can be sure they’re getting the most value for their money when booking with Allegiant.

With the added bonus of nonstop flights, travelers have the convenience of reaching their destination quickly and efficiently.

Does Allegiant Airlines Offer Refunds On Cancellations?

Allegiant Airlines offers a range of options for customers who are looking to receive refunds on cancellations. Customers may be eligible to receive full or partial refunds, depending on their travel insurance policy and any applicable flight change fees; the specifics will vary according to individual airline policies.

Additionally, Allegiant Airlines provides an online refund request form that can be filled out if customers wish to apply for a refund due to cancellation.

While it’s not always possible to get a full refund when cancelling flights, understanding the different policies available can help ensure travelers have some financial protection during times of uncertainty.

Is There A Weight Limit For Baggage?

Do you need to know the details of Allegiant Airlines’ baggage restrictions?

Weight limits, carry-on rules, and fees are all important considerations when flying with an airline. It is essential that passengers understand these regulations before they board a flight.

When it comes to weight limits, on most flights operated by Allegiant Airlines, checked bags should not exceed 40 pounds while each passenger may bring one personal item and one bag in the cabin free of charge. For any additional items or bags exceeding this limit, there will be applicable fees that must be paid prior to boarding.

Does Allegiant Airlines Offer Meal Options?

Allegiant Airlines offers meal options while in flight, with a variety of snacks and drinks made available to passengers.

Early check-in services may also be used to purchase meals prior to the actual flight.

Passengers have access to a range of food items such as sandwiches, salads, wraps, fruits and other snacks that can be purchased when flying with Allegiant Airlines.

In addition, customers are able to bring their own food onboard if they wish but this must adhere to regulations set by the airline.

Does Allegiant Airlines Have A Frequent Flyer Program?

Do you want to take advantage of discounted fares and baggage fees?

Allegiant Airlines offers a frequent flyer program that rewards customers for their loyalty.

With this program, travelers will receive points every time they book a flight with the airline.

Those points can then be used to get discounts on future flights or other perks such as free drinks and snacks during their trip.

Whether you’re an occasional flier or fly often, signing up for the Allegiant Airlines Frequent Flyer Program is sure to make your travel experience more rewarding!


Allegiant Airlines has been able to consistently offer affordable flights, making air travel more accessible for many.

In addition to the affordability of its tickets, Allegiant offers nonstop flights and meal options onboard as well as a generous baggage weight limit.

Moreover, travelers can also take advantage of their frequent flyer program where they can earn rewards points when flying with Allegiant.

Cancellations are covered by refunds according to the airline’s policies.

It is estimated that over $3 billion in annual savings have been provided to passengers since 2005 due to the low-cost fares offered by Allegiant Airlines.

This statistic alone makes it no wonder why so many people choose this airline for their travels.

With all these features, Allegiant Airlines continues to be an attractive option for those looking for economical yet quality airfare services.